Désanchantée Myléne Farmer

More a utube or a social network thing !!!
But I recorded it with Ardour,and « polished » it with Mixbus…
With the help of the advice I had some times ago, consisting in giving a clap at the beginning or at the end of the take, it comes possible to synchronise the audio so I could keep the audio coming from the video take and mix it low underneath the Ardour audio.
As you can imagine and hear :pensive:,no editing and a « one take » stuff.
Thanks for watching.
Enjoy the end of summer if you live here in the northern hemisphere.


Super ! Je préfère ta version à l’originale ! :slight_smile:

Nice song&pleasant « one take »! :slight_smile: Good luck!

Hello Yuki,
Merci d’avoir pris le temps d’écouter…
Si j’ai pu contribuer à faire apprécier cette chanson, j’en suis très satisfait.

Hi cooltenho,
Thanks for watching…
Don’t hesitate to share the tune if you are in the mood…
Actually,I appreciate this song… And I don’t know why I didn’t write it😂


Excellent performance, even with the language barrier (for me) the vocal qualities were totally enjoyable, and that Gibson sounds incredible, what a great sound! Is it a J-300?

Hi Glenn,
Thanks for watching and taking time to comment.
It’s cool you aprreciate this song even while you don’t speak french,
By the way it enhances my conviction that Mylène Farmer wrote it really well.
The guitar is a basic J200, but I like it.

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Ça sonne bien. Merci :slight_smile:
Je ne suis pas un locuteur natif, mais est-ce que la chanson ne s’appelle pas “Désenchantée”?

Well done Olivier !
Out of curiosity how did you do the recording ? 1 guitar mic and 1 vocal mic ? Can’t see them on the video so they’re not too close, yet the sound is pretty nice !
Or is the audio recorded separately and you blended the “live” video audio with the separately recorded audio ?
Well done in all cases :slight_smile:

Merci pour le commentaire,
En réalité c’est la « génération » qui est « désenchantée » donc la chanson s’appelle: « Désanchantée ».

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Hi Vincent,
Cool you post in english though we are from France….
Thanks for your comment.
I « captured » the audio while the video was running.
The mike was far, so it could remain out of the screen and I plugged the piezzo of the guitar in the loop.
I came out with one track of the mike, with a big bleed of guitar and one piezzo track.
The cool thing, when the mike is far is that I had nearly no editing: No pops, not a lot to eq ( just a smooth high pass) and almost no worry with dynamic bumps…
I duplicated the guitar track twice,then kept one centered with very little work ( maybe a high-pass and some dynamic correction here and there)
and hard panned the two other tracks with some delay and detune with the help of a plug-in.
At the end I compressed each track and buss and master buss a tiny bit, gave some eq here and there in a random way and melted this while keeping a little bit of the « bad » audio of the video :pensive::joy:.
Sorry for this long answer.


Hi Oliver

I really like this explanation - it’s really interesting, and helpful to see how people actually record, mix, and problem solve. Thanks for sharing. Good performance (and recording!).

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Thanks for sharing your workflow ! Insightful !

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