Dequantisize function

Is there a dequantisize function in Ardour, like in Cubase to randomly shift midi events by a few ticks?

I don’t think so.

I was going to suggest the MIDI transform option, but the granularity is too large and it does not allow a random number from 0…1 (1/8th notes) :frowning:


If you are fine with having a different randomization every time you play, you can use a plugin. “MIDI Delayline” from x42 MIDI Filter Collection allows for randomization.


In any case, rather than randomizing, you may want to prefer a humanizer built in to a given synth. e.g. for Drums: hit Snare early, play Kick-drum a bit late, or similar heuristics for the instrument in question.

Could the OP route that midi output into another track, thereby re-printing the midi? One could do a few takes, and then have some choices.

Yes, I mean a humanize function:

@x42 : dont forget this trick : How do I humanize a MIDI track? - #9 by Headwar
Less CPU than using a plugin, and repeatable results… And you get to use the Midi Transform tool !


I completely forgot that one can multiply to improve resolution with the transform tool. Your solution is brilliant.

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