Demo for PPC / Leopard?

Hey guys!

Just saw in the what’s new that Ardour has returned to the PowerPC platform. This is amazing news! I use a G5 tower as my main DAW / multi-track recording rig; it’s still an extremely capable machine and it’s awesome to have some new software for it.

I’ve played around with Ardour in the past (very old versions, like 2.x) on Linux & liked what I saw but I’m really excited to try this new one.

Can I download a demo for PPC somewhere? I am totally intending to buy the unrestricted version, but I want to make sure it works properly on my machine first.


There is a demo available for the PPC architecture at It will be a slightly newer version than the official release but adequate for testing purposes.

Currently no ardour developer has a G5 for testing. Fixing Ardour/OSX/PPC was a bit of a blind-flight, guided by an enthusiastic user:

We’d love to get further feedback on the state of PPC.

There are not many people who still have PPC macs. G5 - even though 10 years old - is still a powerful machine, adequate for tracking and editing. One will eventually run into limits with plugins or signal processing, but that’s another story.

So far we know it works for two users on 10.5 (Leopard) on a G5 who reported back.
It does not run on 10.4 (Tiger) or older versions of OSX and we have no data-points for G4 CPUs from users.