Deluca ardor of 3

Hello, I just wanted a couple of ardor about 3 of osx, three with ardor the midi is usable with the plugin suitte Komplete?
has already scheduled a release date of the first beta? for both mac and linux?
3 of ardor of osx I can load any plugins ladspa lv2 and au true? The instrument native to mac will not support it? thank you very much

@gusta: we do not schedule release dates. we prefer to release working software when its ready. ardour3 will be released for Linux and OS X. it will support LADSPA, LV2, and native (linux) VST plugins on linux. On OS X it will support LADSPA, LV2 and AudioUnit plugins. Instrument plugins (MIDI in, audio out) will work.

thanks a lot of valuable insights.
My question was whether she would more or less predictable version of the release of the first three ardor for osx, since the different alpha releases are now never advanced.
excuse my poor English forces me to use a translator on the internet and I do not understand if you can use in future battery contact or other kind of sw and commercial ardor of 3, except for the presence of sowftware similar or even better open source native ardor (three in the ardor already know that there will be).
nice job, however, expect to see this flourish daw it deserves.