Delta B – Sommer

Hi all,

Here’s something like a single, recently released on Jamendo:

The language is Swabian, a southern German dialect, in case you’ve been wondering.

We use a DDX3216 as the central unit, hooked up to an old RME Digi card via ADAT. Reverbs are a Lexicon and a TC unit, hooked up via SPDIF to the DDX3216. Everything else was done using the standard LADSPA stuff, except for the delay and the mastering limiter (Kjaerhus VSTs). Mics used were t.bone sc450 (voc) and Røde NT 5 (everything else).

Feel free to let me know what you think about the outcome.


nice song. Sounds a little bit like “Wolle Kriwanek” to me. Or am I wrong?
I cannot say much about the sound. I’m hearing it on my (very old) laptop. I’m sitting on my balcony - I like summer too.
I’m also from south Germany (Pforzheim).
I hope to hear more. “Hau nei!”

Well, of course we are aware of Wolle Kriwanek, even though I as the co-writer of the song I feel myself more inspired by Schwoißfuaß. In the end the piece is none of both, compared to the depth in the lyrics of these heroes it’s rather a simple piece of pop music. Actually we’re a blues and rock cover band, but we’re about to do some more of our own stuff and using our mother language/dialect feels alright with us. Once there’s more to listen to, I’ll for sure let all of you know since we’ll be using Ardour again.