Delta 66, Omni I/O, Ardour 3

I just recently purchased the M-Audio Delta 66 with Omni I/O box on eBay, and while all this is very new to me, I am wondering if some functions are not working properly.

I am using this card on a Ubuntu system with the Jack audio system and “Mudita24 / Envy24” control utility, which from screenshots, looks to be a clone of the M-Audio provided software.

It took me a little while to figure out, but I got my guitar recording on Input 1 by raising the volume from mute on the “Analog Volume” tab, on the ADC 1 channel.

However, I raise the volume on ADC 2 in the same manner, but when I plug my guitar into Input 2 of the box, I don’t get any signal in the control utility OR on the green signal light on the box. I have the gain turned up as well.

My second issue is the headphone jacks. I purchased a stereo TRS adapter for my speakers/headphones (1/8" female > 1/4" male), and I get no audio either for monitoring or playback. I tried raising the volume on DAC 1 - 4 with no results. I unmuted and raised the volume on "PCM Out 1 - 8 on the “Monitor PCMs” tab with no success. This is true of both headphone jacks.

Both of these could be due to inexperience with this type of hardware and software, but would you be able to please assist me in determining this?

Thank you!


M-Audio Delta i/o

If you are not seeing the signal light on input 2 then that implies a possible hardware issue. Is the Pad button pressed in?

As for the output, are the output signal LEDs lighting up? What are the outputs set to in the Envy/Mudita patchbay? I think they should be on PCM Out to play audio from apps. You might also try the Pulseaudio Volume Control. This lets you easily switch where audio is going if you have multiple audio devices.

@Steve Clark

For the record, Pulseaudio should not be involved when using Jack applications like Ardour. Jack should be taking control of the hardware directly in 99% of cases, so Pulse won’t show anything. Most people in fact disable pulse as it gets in the way of Jack more often than not.

The rest of what you wrote should apply fine though.


Hey guys, thanks for the response. After some testing in Windows under the direction of the seller, we determined it was indeed a hardware fault. Shipped the stuff back him, and he discovered there were some chips on the card’s interface pins. He replaced the card for me, sent it all back, and I got it working perfectly tonight with Linux / Jack / Ardour!


Glad to hear it is working for you now!