deleting tracks

Hi all,

I created new tracks with the menu :
session > add track or bus (i don’t know the correct translation because I use the french version).
How can I remove them now ???
The only thing i can do is to hide/mute them, but i see all of them in jackctl > connection and it’s not very useful !

Hmm, try to press right mouse button on the area (where is the tracks name and small buttons xvharmspg) to get menu with remove as last item.
Select remove and the track will be removed.

My ardour is 0.99.3 and the menu in english contains the following:

  • height
  • color
  • hide all crossfades
  • show all crossfades
  • automation
  • waveform
  • alignment
  • active
  • remove ## with this I managed to remove the track

So in my version the remove is last, do you have in french version similar menu?

btw.tracks can be created easily on the edit windows grey left frame by pressing right mouse…


… so simple, I didn’t see it !!!
thanks for your help.