Delete plugin preset?

Just like the title says, how can I remove a plugin preset, I have even deleted my .ardour2 in home, and the plugin still has that preset in the drop down list. Where is the location of these presets then?


Nevermind, found it… deleted ardour-presets.n3 in /home/joe/.ladspa/rdf

I guess that would correspond to a ladspa preset. Is that correct?

A question I have had before as well. I still don’t know exactly how to remove a specific plugin preset. The ardour-presets.n3 file structure doesn’t make a lot of sense to me, and I am weary of just blocking text and removing sections. The times I have tried, it just breaks something. I don’t say this too often, but it sure would be nice to have a graphical means to do this.

Has noone an answer?
I think it has to do with the ardour-presets.n3
But the file looks a little bit confusing to me.

Yes, I know the file is kind of weird but when I recreated a new preset the file was recreated also. Problem is that deleting a single preset is almost impossible without understanding the file format and just deleting the lines for that specific preset, if you delete the file it will take away all presets saved. Can we have a visual implementation for this please?

I agree with this. I would go beyond, 'cause maybe there is already a tool to manage presets and we don’t know about it yet. I understand that ladspa plugin presets are inherent to the host? that is, if i save a preset for my sc4 plugin in ardour, i think i can only load that preset in ardour, is that true?

tx 4 the answer

another bump. :slight_smile: is this being considered in ardour 3? this would be a huge gain. it’s really hard working with plugin’s right now because there is no easy way to manage presets! it would be awesome to be able to do things like:

  1. deleting presets
  2. updating presets
  3. renaming presets
  4. importing presets from other users

this could lead to the community creating preset suites that make the plugins a lot more user friendly. right now, for an average user, the plugins are quite intimidating! the default values don’t really do much and there aren’t many presets built in, so pretty much it’s all tweaking manual knobs.

Much agreed - has anyone heard of ongoing development for this? I wholeheartedly agree with mthed on this one.


I also second that.
Although I don’t see it coming on Ardour 3.0 since it’s not even mentioned on the new features to come.