delete file from hard disk


I record long improvvisations in Ardour, and sometimes afterwards I’d like to delete them. If I delete their region, the files remain in pathtoproject/interchange/projectname/audiofiles. I would like to delete those from my hard disk because they are large and take up space, but if I delete them directly then Ardour will complain about missing soundfiles…

What is the correct way of deleting a recorded sound from one’s hard disk?

Under the session menu is an option to clean up unused sessions. You can do this(Be careful as it may not check all snapshots) and then on your next opening of Ardour (You HAVE to close an open Ardour) you can ‘Flush Wastebasket’. This will effectively delete all unused regions.


Nevermind, seablade beat me at “first post” :slight_smile:

many thanks :slight_smile: