delete account?

i apologize in advance if this is not the correct forum for this question, but i could not find an appropriate one for it.

i have ended up with 2 accounts, and wish to delete one of them. can someone tell me how this is done? i could not figure out how on the site.


Just let me know which one you want to delete. I’ll confirm when its done.

ahoy Paul,

thanks for taking care of this, sorry to bother you with such a minor issue. just want to clean up after myself and not waste resources :slight_smile:

the account to delete is “mrgrimm5b”. i am trying not to be so grimm anymore :slight_smile:

once i ensure Ardour works with my setup and do some recording, i plan on making a donation. thanks again for the help/software/site/etc…


Hi could you also delete my profile?
This one ringopanda.

Same here. Plz delete mine as well.