Delay Recording or assign a zone of recording?


So my first experiences of recording on my linux stations where made with bitwig studio and i’ve switched recently to ardour, i’m having a blast except one thing :

As i’m recording alone bass and guitars i need a delay in between i press play and the moment it starts recording. one bitwig i could use the one with the click that could help me go back 2 bars behind, listen to the tempo and what i played and the recording was starting only when i wanted it.

I saw the start and end markers and tried to play with them but it seems to not interact with the recording.

So any way to delay the recording or use a marker to set zone for the recording instead of overlapping everything?


Essentially define a punch range, and start your transport before the punch range.


The manual doesn’t say much about it though.
Once you’ve set a punch range, you need to click on the “Transport” menu and check the “Punch In/Out” box. Then you can start a recording (shift/space or use the master red button as usual) before the punch range, but it will only actually record while it’s in the punch range.

There are also separate “Punch In” and “Punch Out” tick boxes for when you only want to mark either the start of end of recording, but not both.

There are more easily accessible Punch In and Punch Out buttons available just right of the transport clocks; the clocks next to them allow you to type in the punch range also.

I really do need to take a good look at my Ardour control panel and learn what’s there :slight_smile:
(Thanks Paul…)