Delay for the first note when recording with seq64


I have a problem with any sequencer plugged into a midi track.
When I launch ardour has master and seq64 for example as slave. It miss everytime the first note.
What I don’t understand is that it doesn’t happen if I unplug the master bus ?

In that case Ardour forwards the playback latency upstream. check with

jack_lsp -l

Ardour (really JACK) inforrms seq64 to compensate for the playback latency.

I have
port playback latency = [ 406 406 ] frames
port capture latency = [ 406 406 ] frames

Is this the MIDI input port?

It means: “It has been 406 [samples/sample-rate] since the data arrived at the the input port”.

So when you start recording the first 406 samples are ignored, because they were digitized before recording was started.

I have just checked, and I only get a playback latency (here: it will take 523 samples until the any data written to the port will eventually become audible – or until the data arrives on the MIDI cable of the corresponding output port).

ardour:MIDI/midi_in 1
        port latency = 0 frames
        port playback latency = [ 523 523 ] frames
        port capture latency = [ 0 0 ] frames

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