Delay compensation is wrong with some vst?

Dear all,

I’m from France and I have been using ardour since 2008, I know it perfectly and it is a pleasure to work on it.

In 2017 I had to go under windows to use some VST, so I used mixbus 32c but even having a computer with a big configuration, the software often runs slow.

So I went under cakewalk in 2019 but the ergonomics are really different and less practical than with Ardour.

By checking my monthly transfer which I made with ardour last week I saw that it was now available under windows, JOY!

Everything works, I found my habits but unfortunately, when I insert a vst, it very often happens that the audio is out of sync, just cut the last vst add and everything comes back in order, so it’s a real frustration!

I use the plugins of IK Multimedia a lot, I have had my license for 2 years and it works very well under cakewalk and reaper.

This is mainly by using the ONE plugin or any limiters, but there are no rules.

My audio interface is a Midas M32, I tried with several buffer sizes and that does not matter.

Anyway, do you have an idea?

Thx :wink:

Which version of Ardour are you using?
Does it work for other plugins (to rule out some VST specific issues)?
Are you adding the plugin to a bus (not a track)?

Ardour 5.x only compensate for plugin latency on tracks for playback (by reading future data from disk).
Plugins on Busses or live input signals are no compensated.

Upcoming Arodur6 (current version) features complete process-graph latency compensation. So it should work there.

Thanks you Robin,

I use vst on tracks and busses, and it’s the last version 5.12

But it works on mixbus32c v5 :thinking:

I will try the nightly version.

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