Defining and calling level-presets for different regions in a track

I have a bunch of pieces which I am going to play in concert (in Ardour 8.0.0 :star_struck:). Each piece needs a starting volume level set, before it starts playing (I have imported all 2-channel pieces into to tracks, one comes after another on the track).
Is there any way to define a volume-preset for each region (piece), so that jumping to that region would call the level-preset automatically?

There is automation with the ‘A’ button on each track in EDIT mode. There are details in the Ardour reference manual.

Our you could import each song into a separate track, and lay them out consecutively on the timeline and adjust each mixer strip accordingly.


Or just use Region Gain, accessible by Right-Click Properties, or Increase Region Gain and Decrease Region Gain in the Menu.


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