define number of receives for inserts

currently sidechaining can be done using busses but it’s a little cumbersome in my opinion. I think a good solution to sidechaining would be by using slightly modifying inserts to be able to define the number of receives you want in your insert. For example, to use SC3 you could add an insert and set the receive number to 3 before adding in SC3 to the track. Then you could connect the insert sends to the second and third receives, and connect the sidechain input to the first insert receive.

i searched around for a bit and haven’t seen anything similar but apologies if this has already been suggested.

You can right-click in on the inputs or outputs in the connection manager window for the insert, and add (or remove) audio (or MIDI) ports. has more about this.

thanks for the information, but I just tested this out but it isn’t working as I would expect. I created a MIDI strip with a stereo synth, added an insert with 2 sends and 3 receives. The correct number of sends and receives appears in the global patchbay, but for some reason the insert fails to recognize that the number of receives is changed and still acts as if it only has 2 outputs in the mixer strip; so it only passes the first two receives onto the next plugin and the last one is ignored.

What signal do you imagine should go to the extra output?

I want the first receive to be connect to the output of e.g. a track containing a kickdrum and the second and third receives to simply be connected to its inputs. if I put SC3 after this insert, the kick should then go into the first input, and the normal track would go into the second and third inputs respectively.