Default Timer Suite Op.1

Hi all,

since I’m on my summer vacations, I decided to spend some time on a dumb idea I had for a while: turning the timer notification sound of my phone in a symphonic metal track :grin: (as everyone does, I guess)

I made a just-as-dumb video out of it too:

but if you want audio only it’s on Soundcloud too:

It’s a very short track, and the process is pretty much the same I always follow (Ardour 7.5 was used here), so I’m not sure there’s anything meaningful to add. I hope you’ll have fun watching/listening to it, and feel free to ask questions if you have any!


“what was the timer for?”
Ha ha ha, you nailed it, dude. :rofl:

:rofl: :rofl:

This turned out pretty amazing!

@slash @GMaq thanks for listening, and glad you both enjoyed it :smile:

Amazing track and video! The motif of the video is a routine here: digression in digression recursively, só i can’t remember anything…

This is hilarious! And I really like the arrangement too, sounds like a metal cover of a JRPG soundtrack.

@lymber @Michael_Willis thanks for listening and for the kind words :smiley: