Default setting for the "Metering point" in Ardour 6.9?

Within Ardour 6.9, is it possible to make a universal, default setting for the “Metering point” (Input, Pre Fader, Post Fader, Output, Custom) of tracks and buses? (I would like the default for all of them to be set to “Output”, so I don’t have to change them one by one once they’re created.)

Thanks for any info./help!

@GhostsonAcid I think you could accomplish your goal via a LUA script, using the [Route.set_meter_point API(The Ardour Manual - Lua Bindings Class Reference). See the Foreach Track snipped in the Window | Scripts dialog list for an example iterating over all tracks in the session.

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There is no preference to change the meter-point default.

But you can use the All modifier: hold Ctrl + Shift , then click on the meter-point button and pick “Output” from the drop-down menu, that changes the meter-point of all tracks and busses (on MacOS it’s Cmd + Shift).

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