Default save location

How do I set the default save/open folder for projects?

ardour doesn’t have one. you think it should?


It saves as a new folder in the home directory, but things get cluttered up real fast in that folder as I’ll have a lot of other files in there.

I like to have them in a “Ardour Projects” folder a few directory levels deep in my home directory. I generally have to create a new project, close it, move it, browse and then open it.

you can set a new “create in folder” as you create a new session. A “settable default location”,such as “~/ArdourSessions/” could be useful, personally i wouldn’t value it highly, but then I don’t create that many new sesions all the time.

I always use a different drive… and a global default location that could be set would be helpful to me. I manually set it each time while creating a session, but a default would be helpful.

I knew about the create in folder setting, but I always forget. This seems like a feature that most people would expect, but maybe I’m just weird