Default QjackCtl connections

Whenever I import files for a new project, Ardour/Jack makes some “default” connections. Is there any way to change these defaults. I have just been erasing clearing the connections in QjackCtl, and then manually making connections, which are mostly the same each time (listen to the imported files (tracks), playing with them creating my own track(s).)

Here’s the section of the manual:

It seems Ardour will create those defaults each time. However, I’ve had success with Claudia from KXStudio repo for managing connections between Ardour and other JACK-based applications.

Based on your brief description of what you want to achieve, unless you are needing to use other JACK applications alongside Ardour, ALSA is probably the best way to go. Certainly listening to imported tracks and editing/manipulating them is all possible in Ardour without JACK.

Sadly the reference-manual is not correct.

Preferences > Signal Flow allows to customize automatic connections

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