Default Plugins Crash?

Brand new install. When I add the stock “Ace Delay” plugin to a track in “Mixer Mode”, it will display the “Ace Delay” window, but then Ardour will crash. Real hard, back to the desktop.

Most plugins will crash like that.

Adding the “Ace Reverb” to my track works just fine.

Thoughts??? Thanks!


What platform are you running on? And, if Linux, are you using an official binary from or did you install from your distro’s repository?

Try disabling Preferences > Plugins > Automatically open the plugin GUI when adding a new plugin.

and perhaps right-click > Edit with generic controls…

The plugin GUI uses openGL (graphics acceleration) and that causes issues on some systems, notably Windows systems with outdated graphics card drivers. Those are usually resolved by updating the graphics card driver.

PS. Alternatively you can re-install Ardour and opt-out of installing the 3rd party
“Harrison XT plugins and a-/ACE plugin GUIs”

PPS. Ideally you reboot Windows first before reinstalling Ardour after a crash.

I’m Windows 10, 64 bit. Installed from
Thanks for your time.

Sorry, missed your “Windows” category :face_with_monocle:

Thank worked. I have disabled the automatic plugin GUI open, and the delay worked when I opened it with “generic controls”. THANKS!

But what does that mean? I have the latest nVidia drivers for my laptop, but I did not install any extra openGL drivers.

Is there an elegant solution to this? I suppose I can run it as instructed though. Thanks again!

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