Default Plugins Crash with Windows 7 32bit


ive installed the newest 32bit Ardour on my Windows 7 32bit.
Updated Windows with latest updates.

Ardour works very fine, but if i want to insert a plugin - it crashes.

“Ardour.exe dont work anymore. App close”

Any Idea ?



I have download a free vst plugin just for testing…and that runs.

So…i dont know whats going wrong that only a few plugins (with opengl windows) works…

But i need just an EQ (records rehearsal room) so i can live with that.

Is there anything in %localappdata%\Ardour6\CrashLog? That might help identify the issue.

Assuming the crashing plugins were “ACE EQ”, “ACE Delay” etc. a common problem is an issue with openGL on your system. Make sure you have the latest version of graphics drivers installed, that usually resolves those issues.

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