Default menu keyboard shortcuts for Ardour

I noticed that Ardour doesn’t have menu keyboard shortcuts by default (unless, of course, I’ve missed something obvious, for which I should be kicked in the butt).

If I haven’t missed it, though, I’d like to suggest that the Ardour menu be given default keyboard shortcuts to activate them. Alt-S for Session, Alt-F for File, etc.

@audiodef: nope.

There are almost no keybindings that are unused. The current allocation reflects a belief about which operatons are most common. We are not going to waste a binding on, for example, the JACK menu. If there’s no binding it means we don’t think that access to that menu (or action) is repeated enough to justify stealing a key from something else. This is the dilemma that everyone who proposes a new binding faces now: whatever you are suggesting will almost certainly steal a binding from something else. And specifically: using a key to just popup a menu rather than bind to a specific action in that menu is, to my mind, even worse.

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