default import audio option

for importing audio files in a large session i usually create tracks first and then insert the audio in the marked track. however in the import menu the options keep switching back to the default import within the session ( to: create new track ) and when restarting ardour it jumps to the initial default (create new track, at session start, one track per channel) is there a way to set a new default import in a session or globally , that wont change anymore? I know this is a minor thing but as everybody knows small things in a workflow can get nasty :wink:

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Saving current Ardour settings as defaults would be a nice feature. A couple that I always need to change when creating new sessions.

  • Session / Properties / Media / Sample format
  • New track volume. I always have to change each tracks volume manually to -12 dB as 0 dB is just too high for having anything more than a couple of tracks.

I know I can create a template and load session settings from it when creating new sessions. But there a some settings that won’t get saved as calimerox pointed out.

It would be nice to have: “Save all current Ardour settings as the default”

I don’t not familiar with Ardour internals but I think it would just involve dumping some internal variables to a file and loading those values back when Ardour starts.