Deduce BPM: measure marker range in minutes?

Hi! I’m importing a WAV that is a rythym track, and struggling a bit to deduce the BPM. I was about to resort to just using a stopwatch and while counting off the number of bars but thought before I do that I’d ask. What if I were to set markers on the “one” (e.g. a kick drum) of a bar at the very beginning of the track, and another marker on the “one” of a bar near the very end of a track – would Ardour be able to give me the total elapsed time in minutes between the two? There would be a little bit more math to get BPM but not much I don’t think.


Ok I see now how Ardour can display a range’s duration in minutes:seconds, under the Editor LIsts panel (ranges & marks list) on the right side of the application.

You could use tempo-marker and directly get the BPM. You can shift+drag the tempo-line and ardour will directly update the speed.

While the video shows Mixbus, the editor is identical to Ardour’s.

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Oh my gosh - that is awesome. Thank you Robin!

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