Decent Sampler crashes Ardour 7.2

I’m sorry if this is a duplicate, a post already exists on this matter but it is locked due to inactivity. I have decent sampler installed (via decent-sampler-bin in AUR). It works absolutely fine in standalone mode or in Reaper however when I add it to my Ardour project, after a few seconds it crashes. I can easily interact with the plugin before it crashes for a few seconds. I can even load a sample quickly and use it before it crashes. I would appreciate it if this issue is discussed.
I can provide logs if needed, I’m sorry I don’t know how to see the log a specific plugin.

I use the “official” DecentSampler v1.0.5 as VST3 and have no problems with it at all.

What version are you using, and in what plugin format?

Thanks for the response, I’m also using the official version (This is just packaged into an aur MAKEPKG), I have also downloaded and used the build from the official website and no luck. my DecentSampler version is 1.7.9 which is way newer. I have also tried VST3 and VST2 and had no luck.

Here is a picture of the standalone app:

I just downloaded DecentSampler v1.0.5 from the official website and that also crashes my Ardour. Interesting… Are you using Ardour v7.2?

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