Debugging Ardour

I start to read about debugging Ardour from here:

Can anybody advise to make preparations of Jack from Cadence or from terminal (but I have to know how to make back commands). I’m afraid to break my usual sound system for normal using. About preparations I mean this text from debugging instruction:

Be sure to start JACK without the --realtime / -R switch. Also the client timeout variable should be set to a large value such as 5000 (–timeout / -t).

  1. Can I use Cadence preferance ”to start JACK without the --realtime / -R switch” in such way?:

  1. And where I can find in Cadence an option “client timeout variable should be set to a large value such as 5000 (–timeout / -t)”? (or if not, what must I write in terminal to make this thing, and (!)make it back after finishing my debugging mode(!)?)

  2. Also. Which platform is better for debugging: KXStudio 14.04.5 or AVLinux 2017.4.9?

So, I’m going to continue asking in this post, if there will be questions - is it a good idea?


  1. I’m going to use Nightly Builds of Ardour from here:

  • is it good?

Nightly is not recommended for use at this time unless you just want to test ongoing work. It should not be used with/for any real work.

Also, you can just not use JACK at all and skip all that configuration stuff. Use Ardour’s ALSA backend.

Thanks, Paul!

Yes, I just want to try to test ongoing work. I like to find out new ideas in ardour through nightly builds, so I thought why not to use debug system during exploring.

About alsa I understood, thanks.