Debian build Problems with liblo


i just tried to compile 2.5 under an actual Debian SID. 3.0 compiles without problems.

The following error occurs:

Checking for lo_server_new() in C library lo… no
liblo does not appear to be installed.

I have the package installed, and 3.0 compiles as usual.
The SConstruct file seems to be the same.
I tried both compilations in clean directories.

Is that behaviour known? Is there an workaround or a fix?

Thanks for your help,

You either have the wrong version, or you installed it incorrectly, or you didn’t install the development package (liblo-dev, liblo-devel) as mentioned in the build instructions.

I installed the official Debian dev package:

~$ dpkg -l|grep liblo
ii  liblo0-dev   0.23-2.2   Lightweight OSC library -- development files
ii  liblo0ldbl   0.23-2.2   Lightweight OSC library

The files are under /usr/lib, and that should be the right place:

~$ locate liblo

That stuff looks ok for me. Which version is needed? And why does 3.0 work?

That stuff is really kidding me.

The problem completely disappeared after activating Freesound and LV2 Support. I have no idea, why…

Thanks for all those wonderful tips. I got some problems with 3.0 installed but now it seems to have gone. Looking forward for more such useful tips.

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Yes, I too really had that problem previously with the 3.0 package installed and received the same errors as you have mentioned. Thanks for the tip. It really worked as I activated Freesound and LV2 support.

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Thanks for the suggestion and now I don’t seem to face any problem with 3.0. Yes I also agree that 2.5 complies without problem. But 3.0 is much better than 2.5 I bet.

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Thanks for the valuable suggestion. The 3.0 is a bit tricky to understand and sometimes gets into unnecessary compilation error but a very great successor to the prior 2.5 version.

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Thanks for the suggestion and now I don’t seem to face any problem with 3.0. I like the layout of 3 as it is very good.Cheers medical scrubs .

Yes, Me too faced the same problem when compiling with 2.5. I am equally interested in the solution this. 3.0 works fine but I am more accustomed with 2.5.
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