Debian 11, Ardour 6.5 throws "WARNING: Could not check your glib-2.0 for mutex locking atomic operations"

hi all,

i’m chasing an elusive puzzler and noticed this error message when i launch Ardour from the command line. is that a useful clue, or a “normal nothing to worry about” thing? i hunted through the forum and couldn’t find much.

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mike o’c

Do you have the binuntils debian package installed? That provides /usr/bin/nm. You should also have /usr/bin/ldd (from libc-bin). Both are usually installed by default.

The check is to make sure that Ardour can run realtime-safe. It is possible to build glib in a way that locks are used for atomic operations, and that can cause audio-dropouts. Apparently that used to be a thing back in 2008 with some Linux distros.

In any case if you were to use Ardour’s official binary that check is not used, since that comes with a realtime safe glib.

thanks Robin!

this is getting interesting. i checked an older server and verified that Ardour runs without that error. the older Deb11 server has both nm and ldd. the newer one (which throws the error) is missing nm.

but in both cases i’m running Ardour based on the apt install version – the official binary, no? should i be seeing that error?

i should add that both of these are virtual servers at Linode (now Akemai). i’m not doing anything fancy with the Debian build either.

oh - third note. i couldn’t find anything when i went looking for binuntils did you mean binutils?

Nope. That’s Debian’s version (though as opposed to other distros, Debian usually gets things right when building and packaging Ardour.)

The official canonical binary is from Download Ardour | Ardour Community

i’m wondering whether i should try to get nm back in there? i build these servers from a shell script and like to stay true to Debian’s stuff. i tried apt install libbinutils but that didn’t get me a copy of nm. when i did the apt remove, i got a notification:

The following package was automatically installed and is no longer required:

maybe it’s just gotten pulled out. and, back to my original question, maybe i don’t care since Ardour comes with its own realtime glib?

for the official binary – is there a way to get to the same version that was loaded via apt? it’s 6.5.0~ds0-1 and GCC version 10.2.1 20210110

here’s another interesting thing. the newer Deb11 server doesn’t have any of the x86_64-linux-gnu stuff in /usr/bin/

by the way – Ardour is running absolutely fine on this server. the thing i’m chasing is a situation where a working-fine server suddenly is not working fine and starts throwing that great “find a trout” error. after which it only starts when Jack is already running. so if this thread is about a trivial thing, we can just drop it.

That’s fine as long as it’s in $PATH.

but you can also simply ignore the warning. debian’s glib uses atomic operations w/o mutexes.

thanks! but… rats! i thought i might have a lead there.

have there been any changes to the Ardour code that is going into Deb 12? i had lots of “find a trout” stuff there. maybe i should just focus on getting going on Deb12.

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