DeathMetal, the Ardour way!

Here’s a few samples off the upcoming album by my band, Cynonyte. I did all the mixing/mastering using Ardour and Jamin. Some of the sound quality was degraded as a result of vid quality/upload, but you get the idea!!

Nice band name!

Hey Hippie!

Wow! Thats some real quality metal- just watched your YT vids and was suitably impressed. A well meaning cheesey rag headline summary might be Dazzlingly Dexterous Dischord Death- the camera or YT’d video codec settings (both most likely) can’t keep up with you guys! Some impressively scary stuff.

Thanks for letting us know you’re Ardour users- Linux? Metal heads are natural candidates for Linux/Ardour users actually so you’re just the lads for the team! :smiley:

Look forward to hearing the album- might you plug everyones fave free DAW in the liner??

@ Danboid,

Thanks for the thumbs up on the band’s overall originality. Most of the YT vids are actually done live at the venue we play at. At the end of your set, the owner hands you a DVD (kind of cool for the place). Needless to say, it lacks choreograph… but its free, right?

Regarding Linux… you know it! Mepis 8.5 /64 to be exact. I’ll make doubly sure to add props to both the Ardour team and the boys over at MepisLovers; a well deserved credit to be honest. Without them, I wouldn’t even be doing this crap! I’m supposed to just be the lazy, drunk drummer!!!

Thanks again!
(BTW: if anyone on the Ardour team wants a copy of the album or t-shirt… let me know, I’ll hook you up. It’s the least I can do).

i like it!

this forum needs a Facebook “like it” button. a little more effort invested in our online social lives and a little less focus on all that stupid code wouldn’t be the end of the world. would it? :slight_smile:




/me flees!

The album is complete and we’re offering it for download (for anyone that likes thrash/death metal). Props to Ardour are in the liner notes for the actual pressed CD, but I didn’t include the image in the Torrrent (my bad).

Cynonyte - Black Out The Sun (2011)

Cool! Really impressive.