Dealing with clipped floating point files

Does ardour\mixbus have a feature where you import clipped files that were exported into floating point, are we able to recover those files at a lower level and removing the clipping as well as the clipped waveform view. I remember seeing another daw handle this very easy but I’m not sure how ardour responds or if I have to re export those files

The question just becomes, is the audio clipped or not.

If the audio is not clipped, then Ardour can easily modify it. If the audio IS clipped there isn’t much any DAW will be able to do. There are some DSP processes that attempt to mitigate clipping artifacts, but realistically they are a bandaid at best.


I see other saws able to overcome these types of issues very easily.

Big difference, those audio files are not actually clipped. You are mislabeling ‘out of range’ vs ‘clipped’ (As are the videos). Clipped is a destructive process the damages the audio, creating a much more square wave environment with many more high harmonics. It can happen at multiple stages.

As opposed to an ‘out of range’ where the values are just larger than would normally be expected, but as long as no data is lost is completely fine. This is not uncommon with 32 bit floating point, and is part of why Ardour has used it internally for years(Decades, really since the beginning IIRC).

So your question is really, is Ardour able to understand 32 bit floating point files. And the short answer to that is yes.

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Oh ok because when I reduce the gain yo a lower volume I still see the clipped red in the waveform view but it doesn’t sound distorted

Yea we are discussing that now because of your comment, really it isn’t indicating clipped, but what ‘might’ be clipped. In most cases it will be pretty similar, but obviously in these cases might not be correct.

All comes back to the end rule, if it sounds good, and noone is injured or in danger, it probably is good.


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