Deafening Playback Error & version upgrade query

I have an annoying problem, which crops up occasionally during playback. When the marker reaches certain edit points, the playback of whatever I am working on is replaced by a hideous deafening load of noise. It has nearly given me a heart attack on several occasions. Also, I am having problems updating to the latest version. I have downloaded the source code archive, but I don’t know how to install it once I have it on the computer.

One more workaround:

                                   Provide hair-gap between the regions, where problem occurs.(Shorten the preceding region very minutely)

I experienced this problem, even when not using any plug ins.

Caution: Be careful about inserting these plug-ins; they are sure similar problem makers. 1) Calf bass enhancer 2) Calf exciter. If you are still need to use these wonderful plug-ins , just close down the amp volume , before inserting.Once inserted, there seems to be no further problems.


EDIT: This problem is always reproducible. Here is a link.

I have just put it in the issue tracker.

This problem was reported in mantis as"issue no 0003461". But within few hours I got the solution as a patch.KUDOS to devs.(especially cth103). I’m wondering if there would be another pre-ardour3 release with a fix.

Bugfix releases on 2.x are not out of the question no. Will there be one for simply this, I don’t know, especially since I haven’t been involved with this issue;)


it also happens to me time to time, typically at the point of border or crossfade between two regions. some plugins are certainly involved - if i remember it correctly, i had this experience with Plate2x2 and 10bandEQ LADSPA plugins. Couldn’t find any rule nor way how to reproduce the error - it just happens sometimes - 5 times it plays fine and for the 6th time i’m almost deaf…

workaround: 1. find which crossfade/region cut is causing the problem, 2). consolidate/bounce these regions (make one region out of them). no crossfades/cuts = no errors.



I suppose it’s one of your plugins, probably a reverb plugin like Gverb, it nearly killed my monitors some years ago.
Do you use this or plugins alike?


I use the versatile plate reverb mainly, I guess I’ll switch to a different one and see if that helps. Is there any way of fixing this problem, or do I just have to avoid plugins that cause this? That would be a shame.

If the problem occurs at a specific and repeatable point in the audio then it seems possible that one of your edits might have corrupted the audio in a way which has caused some strange (perhaps abnormally large) sample value to appear. Its not unheard of for unexpectedly huge sample values or step changes to trip an algorithm (especially something recursive like an IIR filter or a reverb) into digital mayhem. If that is the case its not really the fault of a particular plugin, I would be more concerned about what had happened to the audio file.


while what LinuxDSP is saying is certainly true, I’d rather blame the plugins, sorry. I’ve had these issues over and over again, more back in 2007 but still some up till today, and I have heard similiar experiences from other users. Sad but true, I have never heard a Cubase, Nuendo, pro tools or whatever user to lose his/her ears/speakers because of such an error. And I have never had such a problem with LinuxDSPs plugins but solely when I used (at least also) gverb and other LADSPA reverb plugins.
If it’s some screwed up samples, than either (1) the plugins should handle it gracefully or (2) the DAW should avoid these values being passed into the plugins in the first place. I don’t have a clue what is technically possible, but it must never happen (damn it happened one time to me when one musician had earphones on turned LOUD, woah what an experience with digital +300db).


I have had this problem with several of the LADSPA plug-ins, as well.

@linuxdsp: keep in mind that ardour doesn’t do any destructive audio file editing …

@paul: Good point, I didn’t mean to imply that there was something wrong in ardour’s editing necessarilly, it was just a theory as to how it could have occurred. I guess more information is required about which plugins are implicated and exactly how / when it happens.