DE, WM, color palette and everything else: share your beautiful configuration with us!

Basically title, I want this thread to become a place for discussion but also a sort of r/unixporn for ardour: share screenshots of your setup writing the DE/WM you are using, how it is themed, the ardour theme you are using and how you customized the color palette.

Not only making music in a beautiful environment puts you in a good mood but some color schemes can also be easier on the eyes and in a way make you more productive.

I am actually experimenting with WMs and tried weston but I guess Ardour isn’t ready for wayland. I also tried awesome, fluxbox and twm, they are all very lightweight but I didn’t “rice” them so the look of the whole thing was not really beautiful and that’s when I came up with the idea for this thread.

What do you guys think?

Love ardour and this community!

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For me, the desktop environment is irrelevant because when using Ardour I maximize it to full screen mode, where the window manager isn’t visible. I do this whether I am using Ardour on Windows or Linux. I use Ardour’s default color scheme while in the program, which I think looks very nice.