DDX3216 Control Surface Fader Resistance

Hi guys,

Ardour is great. I recently connected my DDX3216 via MIDI using the manual as described. Faders and Pan works. However, when I move them faders, it often occurs that I have a sudden resistance coming from the fader motors which completely block my movement. So I guess there is some feedback problem. Some info gets sent from Ardour back to DDX3216 that interferes with my finger moving the fader. Anybody got any idea what can be done to solve this? Thanks so much!


Are the faders touch-sensitive? What control protocol do you use? Ardour’s Generic-MIDI or some MCU/Mackie compatibility mode?

Hi Robin. Ardour’s Generic MIDI. The faders aren’t specifically touch sensitive - they just have motors.

You have to have feedback working. That is as you make changes the motorfader is being told about what it’s new position should be. In the mackie control code there is a setting for that (as used with the bcf2000). I have seen generic maps for the bcf2000 as well, maybe there are some notes in there about settings. But it sounds like the motors are fighting the fader move. In the bcf2000.map file I see: Maybe try that (with your own banksize of course)

Hi Len. That seesm right and was my assumption as well. I just don’t know what to do about it.

Sorry, I put the line from the bcf2000 in my message above… but because it is xml it didn’t show up. Lets see if I can figure it out:
<DeviceInfo bank-size=“8” motorised=“yes”/>
Is what should go in the map file.