DDX3216 as Ardour control surface problems

Hi all,

I’m using Ardour on my MacBook Pro since a few days and I’m really overwhelmed about its power and features.
It cooperates perfectly with my RME Digiface whitch is connected over the HDSPe ExpressCard.

Now I want to use my Behringer DDX3216 console for controlling Ardours faders.
I alredy read the instructions about it in the Manual (http://ardour.org/files/manual/ch-control-surfaces.html).
The DDX is set up correctly (Digiface MIDI IN LED tells something about incoming data when moving the faders).
Then used the MIDI Patchbay from Pete Yandell to connect the ardour midi ports to the Digiface’ s hardware port.
(I didn’t know wheter I need the ardour_in/out or the control_in/out, so I connected both).
Now the manual tells the following as the next step:

Open the mixer window (Alt+M) and then hold down Ctrl and click the middle button of your mouse, on the fader control for track 1. A dialog will appear over the fader asking you to operate MIDI control now. Move the fader on the Behringer that you want to control track 1 ardour fader - and whalla!
But my big Problem is the missing middle mous button on my MacBook Pro5,1. I tried to use an external usb mouse, but it's middle button doesn't seem to be recognized.

Is there a workaroud awaylable for OS X? or has anyone another Idea how to solve it? (something linke a virtual mouse?)

Excuse my bad english, I am german :wink:


i think on mac, you press both mouse buttons to emulate the middle button.

…not sure if it is right…


They would be my instructions in the manual there…wasn’t thinking about mac users when i wrote them though! I’m pretty sure in osx you can tell it in the mouse section of system settings to emulate a 3 button mouse and then set for example 3 fingers tapping on the trackpad to mean a middle mouse click.
Hopefully someone who owns a mac and has used a middle click in ardour can jump in here and give better instructions…if not I will try to remember to check the macs we sell at work tomorrow.

For OS X and Apple’s ridiculous mouse pads and mice, we attempt to emulate middle mouse button ops in Ardour as Ctrl-Option-Button1. However, there are a few places where this support is not place, and regrettably this is one of them. And alas, I don’t believe that its possible to configure their mouse pad to “simulate” middle button either.

This is a rather serious shortcoming in the OS X release(s), and I will try to arrange for a complete review of middle mouse button usage and fixes as part of a 2.8.1 release.

I don’t want to sound impolite, but if you like Ardour now, you will really love it if you spend a little money and get a 3 button USB mouse. This will be true even when I add the middle-click-emulation support. Things just become so much easier and faster.

Okay, thanks for replys.

I wish it would work with an external mouse.
I played a little around with my microsoft USB mouse (sounds horrible connected to a mac :-D) and also installed an external driver.
Other applications like firefox witch provide middle button functionality are recognizing when i press the wheel.
But Ardour doesn’t.

Just that I have no other mistake:
I click with the wheel and holded ^ctrl key (also tried cmd) on the fader of a channel strip in the mixer window, right?

just for getting sure, go to menu->options->control surfaces and see if the option ‘Generic MIDI’ is checked. this must be checked, if you want the ‘operate controller’ dialog to appear.


hey, that was is!
It works great now. Thank you very much!

in further versions of Ardour it would be great to have such a learn function also for the mute and solo buttons.

And maybe it would be helpfull to mention the Generic MIDI thing in the manual.


for me it works with mute/solo the same. in the mixerstrip, as well as in the main editor window. no idea if or why it does not work for you on your mac.


sounds interessting, because in the manual is mentioned that it don’t works with mute/solo…

Did you not read the warning page that is presented before you get into the manual? The manual is a vaguely useful guide. It is not authoritative, it is not complete, it is not accurate. Just try stuff in Ardour. It (probably) won’t crash.