DDP Mastering Tools in Linux


i wanted to ask if anyone out there has found a way to export a ddp file in linux. i’ve only found “ddp mastering tools” but the developer states explicitly, “Please note that the ddptools have not yet been thoroughly tested, so using it for real CD productions is not recommended at the moment!”

otherwise, this looks promising.

can anyone recommend another way to export a ddp file in linux?

thanks in advance for any help.

ddp mastering tools are also the one I found and use and the cd pressing company was fine with the ddp… guess theres no linux alternative that…
also, the ddp mastering tools developer is really helpful if you need any help…

thanks for your reply, guess i’ll give the ddp mastering tools a try.

Hi, ancient thread resurrection … does anyone have any updated info about ddp mastering on linux? (or at a push windows). I’m quite liking using Ardour to master my project and create a cue file + wav. Then I use cue2ddp from ddptols and everything appears to work. However I am a little wary of just accepting that it is correct. Are there any tools that I can use to test the DDP file on linux, preferably being able to burn an actual CD (I like to look how the CD text appears on a few different players) or maybe just a DDP player that will run on the computer.

I’m willing to spend a little money, but I’d prefer not to!

Hi bdp, back in the day when this thread was started, i sent a ddp ready and done converted with the ddp mastering tools to a cd pressing facility and asked them to confirm if the file was ok. It was all fine and the pressing was flawless…

Yep, I’ve found a place that will do a reference CD for me to confirm all is OK before pressing so that’s what I’ll do. Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

@bdp: may I ask what service you chose to use?