DDP Export for Ardour (7)?

Is there a way with Ardour (on Linux) to export a Stemp-Mixdown as DDP files?
ATM I always import to Reaper, set markers and export it from the native export menu.

All I found, are some plain old topics, that it’s not possible or, that some people are already looking at this topic (from 2009).

Is this feature request uncommon and just a nbunch of people use Ardour for finalizing albums?

Use this: http://ddp.andreasruge.de/

You can even set up an export script in Ardour to do it automatically after creation of your audio file if you wish. I don’t bother as it is so quick to run post-export. The key thing is to export your WAV file with the .cue file option and then use the cue2ddp command from the above tools.

You definitely needn’t have imported into REAPER to set markers.


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