which cheap DAW-controller can best be used with ardour?

the behringer BCF200 is probably your best choice. in terms of a combination of price+features, its unbeatable. it can be used either as a generic MIDI CC controller, or emulating Logic/Mackie Control. It has motorized faders which ardour can move.

that sounds good! i m also looking for a economic daw controler for ardour with motorfaders, only usually i dont trust behringer too much (means its cheap and good for the price, but sometimes too cheap…) so my question : is someone working with something similar from a nother company and is happy with it? if not i will become friends with behringer…:wink:

As soon as there is no audio signal going through the machine… that’s ok :wink:

I own 2 bcf and 1 bcr, having no problem at all, they work great. the faders are a little bit noisy, but that’s ok.

yeah, think ure right… so the bcf will be my choice as well…

Is there any particular protocol compliance that would make us sure a new (unknown) controller would work with Ardour?

If it is a MCU pro emulation it is good (like behringer xtouch) , if it is not lissted you can make your ow map

There’s really only two “protocols” to think about for a device that uses MIDI.

Generic MIDI: this will just work, but may need work from you to create a binding map.

Mackie Control: this should work out of the box; if it doesn’t it might be fixable without code changes, or it might not.

If you’re looking for something made this decade check out the Xtouch Compact. It’s useless in Mackie Control but works with MIDI CC.

I use it on conjunction with the Xtouch One (Mackie Control) with good results.

I am happy woth my xtouch, when it is not lost by ardour :smiley: do your Xone have the same problem?

Yeah, that happens with the Xtouch One.

I’m guessing you’ve figured out that reconnecting the in/out in settings will bring it back in Ardou5 and pressing discover Mackie devices will do the same in Ardour 6.

Not all the time weirdly.
Some rare times it suffice to unlink and relink it in the control surface menu.

Sometime it is only ok after 2 or 3 reboots sadly.

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