Dark w/ Blue Accents Theme

I’ve started working on a new take on the dark theme with blue accents across the board. Still a WIP but here’s how it looks so far:


and here’s the link if anyone wants to use it:


replace the file in ~/.config/ardour4

nice work. the pressure to support multiple themes, selectable at runtime, is mounting … :slight_smile:


It still needs midi colors and a few other things set, but I thought I’d go ahead and give a preview lol.


Added midi colors, markers/bars colors, made tracks/busses one step darker, some other tweaks.

Hi, @braxtons12!
Look, something wrong with the file, or may be in my ardour problem, but after replacing with your file I’ve got the default-like dark theme:


Strange! I’ll double check it and re-upload.

Should be good now!

Yes, thanks, it works now!

The theme is interesting (carla-like), but it needs different colors for max, mid & min midi notes in my opinion, otherwise we have no a visual display about velocity.

Hi, @braxtons12,
could you tell where did you change the punch rectangle color (name of Item)?

I’ve found by myself (“transport punch rect”). Sorry for