CVS for Ardour session

I wrote this as a reply to the Google Summer of Code posting, but I decided to put it here, just in case it’s too complicated for a Summer of Code project. Tell me what you think.

"How about a versioning control system for Ardour sessions? Linux is a network OS after all.

Imagine sessions being saved on a web server and being able to lock and unlock tracks that you’re working on as if they were any file in a CVS system. And maybe even create new tracks(with the proper privileges).

It would basically be a CVS system for audio.
So the band wouldn’t even have to be in the same room at the same time. And you’d save the hassle to send tracks via email(which many often do).

Maybe the tracks would be uploaded to the web server after they are recorded locally, unless someone has a more clever idea.

You could even have bands formed through online collaborations even though they’ve never met in real life.

Overall, I think this would be a killer feature that would attract a lot of attention and turn people’s heads."

Check out Session Exchange. It is essentially a P2P SCM for Ardour sessions. It uses Ardour’s snapshot feature to work as “checkins”. It’s in Ardour’s tool directory when you download the tarball or SVN.

Are there plans to update it for the new directory layout with Ardour2?

I made a quick hack-job for myself just to test it out some, but I’m not too familiar with Python and haven’t done it up properly yet.

I’m not actively working on it. It should be very easy to update it to the ardour-2 directory layout. Patches are very welcome.