Cutting/splitting tracks

I’ve read some posts about this matter but I haven’t understood really much.
I have a number of tracks, parts of the same song, I have to cut a piece because I was remembering wrong and I recorded more beats than it was at first.
Since there are a number of instruments, plus the drum track I made with Hydrogen, Ii should be able to select all the instruments in the same interval, and split them for delete those beats.
On the contrary I should modify the drum track in Hydrogen, exporting, importing and recording again the instruments. It’s not much an harassing because the tune is way to be complete, but I would like to avoid all this work.
So, I know it’s possible, but how? Today I’ve tried selectioning the “cut” button in the menu then clicking on one track I have to cut, but nothing happened.
Thanks for the help.

Found it.
One thing: is there a way to connect the start of the track on the right with the end of one on the left “magnetically”? I don’t know if I explained myself correctly anyways, splitting and deleting a track leaves a hole in the song, so grabbing the tracks on the right and connecting them to the ones on the left.
Thank you

If I understand you correctly you want to delete part of a recording and you want the clip after the deleted part to automatically move earlier in time and “snap” to earlier clips. If so you should select “Ripple” mode before deletion…

You find the mode selection box on the upper left part of the Edit - window. The box probably has “Slide” - mode enabled by default.

Thank you mhartzel. Yes, I meant snapping the two clips, the end of one and the star of the other, together.