Cutting silence from a track via keyboard shortcuts


I’m editing my vocals for a podcast, and what I am doing a lot of is cutting a small section (some “ummm…aaah…” noises, and bits where I mashed my words - happens quite a lot because I’m attempting to podcast in my non-native language…) and then moving everything that comes after that up to close the gap:


Doing this manually with the mouse is a bit laborious tho, is there a feature where I can do this with a keyboard shortcut? I seem to remember KDENLive has something like “remove space” that would do what I want.

Now I think about it, I think in Kdenlive I had some shortcuts set up so that I could go thru a track editing like this purely with arrow keys and keyboard shortcuts, which (if i remember correctly ) was much more efficient than using the mouse - can anyone suggest how to set up a similar workflow in ardour? I’m spending a lot of time editing vocals, I’d like to make it as efficient as possible…

thanks for any help!

i think that you should benefit from the ripple mode enabled

oh wow that is useful, thanks. Is there a way to toggle between “slide” and “ripple” using the keyboard, I notice that in ripple I lose the ability to move stuff between tracks (which i don’t need to do so often so it’s not critical, but would be helpful).

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the default shortcut to toggle between edit modes: 1 (number ‘1’, not the numpad).

also, there is ability to bind shortcut to your desire so you can select ripple mode on hotkey… :slight_smile:

oh wow excellent, “1” will definitely work for me for now, I’ll think about adding a hotkey if I’m using this so much it would be worth improving the efficiency another step. thanks!

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basic hotkeys are very handy… at least for my brain cells :slight_smile: Ardour/Mixbus clicked for me due to the default hotkeys… ‘s’ for slice, z for zoom, r for range… tab for marker… q go to left marker… w go to right marker… very handy!:slight_smile:

I’ve got “s” for slice working well for me, except that I have to use the mouse to click the region I want to slice to select it first, and also to position the blue edit point line where I want to make the cut, and to select the new short region to delete - is there a keyboard way to do all of this?

Set your edit point to mouse, select the region, put the mouse where you want the split and hit ‘s’.

Alternative using the playhead as the edit point, select the region, press ‘p’ to have playhead jump to mouse, and hit ‘s’ to split.

Don’t forget about the J and K shortcuts as well (Trim start to edit point and trim end to edit point).


ok great, I’m going to try those out - J and K sound really useful!


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