Cutting out track parts

Hello, I’m testing Ardour (so I’m completely new to it) if it may be a suitable audio editor for me. Up to now it seems to work fine, but I got stuck trying to find a way to cut out a part of a session. It means I need to cut out the same region in all tracks. I can’t find a razor blade or anything which would allow me to do this. I went through the manual and I didn’t find the answer.

I will appreciate any help. Thanks!

Hello Radim.
Just press the ‘R’ key on your keyboard (switch to the ‘Region’ selection mode) and select the range you need to edit\delete while holding the SHIFT key

Oups! sorry. It selects a range but not deleting it. Interesting…

I got it. All you need is to specify a range when holding the CTRL down :slight_smile:

… but first click each track while holding the CTRL to select them

Thanks for the answer. I found there are several manuals for Ardour, so I found the better one and found that to remove a region I have to make a group, to be able to work in all tracks. Than there is a choice to remove the region. Unfortunately, originally I made a region in one track and I don’t know how to clear it. I tried to make a new region in all tracks but now it avoids the track with the previous region. Is there any chance to clear the region?

pofigon: your advice is more or less completely misleading, I’m afraid. No modifier keys are required to do the action that Radim is interested in.

radim: i suggest using undo to get back to where you were.

If I understand correctly what you want to do, you need to select all the regions that exist in the place you want to cut, then place your edit point (usually the mouse pointer) at the start of the part you want cutting. That will split all the regions at that point. If you then select everything after the split, you can move the boundaries (to create a silent gap) and then select everything after the split point and drag it to close up the gap if that’s what you need.

You definitely need to experiment on something that’s not important - this kind of editing is quite easy to do, but you have to spend some time learning how to do it.
Making a snapshot and working on that is a safe way to experiment while leaving the original available to go back to if /when it all goes wrong.

There are some good instructional videos on YouTube to give you ideas about how to do basic editing stuff in Ardour.

Hi folks, Paul has made an Ardour Shortcuts Mnemonics US-Keypad.
here :slight_smile:
Thx Paul!

@ radim
And to “erase” you would use mouse (press R on keyboard for select range mode) to mark that range you dont need and press Del to erase :slight_smile: Voilla!
If you want to split and mute, (press R on keyboard for select range mode) to mark that range you dont need and press S to split and then Ctr+M to mute new clips! WOW)!
If you do this with drum tracks, i recommend to choose Lock as editing mode. (Slide, Splice, Lock).

The best thing ist cutting on the fly ( WOOOW) try it, play your tracks, listen and cut in realtime.
Set your edit point to playhead mark your track(s) hit space to play and now, every time you wanna split just hit S on keyboard, and you got it, and play head is still moving, you listen and hit it again (S) you split once more. If you edit some radio speaker tracks or audio books, yo will love this for ever :slight_smile:
Do not forget this

radim’s question is about how to select (and edit) ACROSS multiple tracks.

Many thanks to all for inspiring answers. As Paul said - I need to edit across multiple tracks. I already found a way to do it, but I don’t know how to cancel an region, which I created in one track. I can’t undo it as after creating the region I made many steps and in Ardour preferences I had only limited undo. So, is there any way to join the track parts? I work a lot in Final Cut Pro and there it is an easy task, but here I can’t find a way to do it.


heal separation, or bounce multitracks on one track?
mark chunks you made in one track, right click on that area and in menu choose Consolidate Range.
there are 4 other options in that “right click menu”

in region list click right and choose remove unused (its destructive !)
take care.


I have a related question on the PDF of shortcuts Mnemonic … it says Ardour 2.8.3 bindings … has much changed or added to the latest version 3.2.x ? thanks

@Radim: I’m not quite sure what you mean by “cancel,” but if you need to recover a section that was deleted from an existing region, you could simply drag the boundary of one of the remaining regions to cover the deleted section.


There is a variety of changes but many bindings will still be applicable. It is a good place to start but should be taken with a grain of salt for v3 and above.


@ seablade
Right, you re right people need some basic starting point.
And starting with “shortcuts” for Ardour 2.8 is good start in to 3. …

it is not easy to understand what what Radim wanted.
I thought Radim will join some regions and gaps inbetween in to one region (clip) in one track.
But, still not clear :).
May be its already “gone”.