Cut tool cuts only measures

I have been using Ardour for months now. Upon starting a new project, I want to cut a track using the Cut Tool (scissors) or by dragging the beginning or end of the track.

Regular basic stuff, I’d say, I’ve been using this constantly like any user, I suppose.

However, for some reason, Ardour suddenly only lets me cut measure by measure.

I don’t know how to explain this clearly but until now I was able to cut or drag tracks to whichever part of my recording I wanted, but since today, it only allows me to cut measure by measure. I have never had this problem in all this time…

I hope you guys understand what I am talking about and that you can help me out.

I did not update, not change anything (maybe I hit a shortkey by accident??)…

Any help is much appreciated!

Most likely cause: you have the Grid enabled.

Most likely cause I hit it by accident!!

That was exactly it BenLoftis. Thank you for your help, it was driving me crazy. I meant to reply earlier, but couldn’t because of some issue with the “forum spam filter” or sth!