Cut on Zero Crossings

I saw an option that I liked in an older version of Cubase, namely, to enable ‘cut on zero crossings’, so that when ever you sliced a waveform on a track or in an editor, the cut would occur on the nearest zero-crossing.

This can really help to lessen the need for fiddly cross fades between edits.

Good info all around.



Unfortunately that’s a myth. Cutting at a zero crossing still produces a sudden discontinuity in the rate of signal change, and will cause an audible click. Cross fades are the only way to avoid this.

How long must a crossfade be to avoid these pops/clicks? If only a few milliseconds are enough, maybe an inaudible ‘Auto fade in/out on cut region’ option would be handy…


Ardour does little fades at the ends of cut regions already.

I would prefer this to be an option too, as it means you cannot split a region without creating an audible dropout at the split. It also means that sounds which should not have a fade (like sample kick drum etc) lose their impact.

It is possible to disable the fades on each split region by hand, but it takes a while.