Cut empty timeline in session....?

When I am doing some editing, somehow I realize I need to set where the audio & session timeline must end. Because I’m doing something wrong here, when I export the audio file, the FLAC file has something like a minute or two of silence. How do I set the end of session exactly where the audio ends?

Thanks for any input!

The end marker seems to work OK.
Anyway, this program is magical because it can export FLAC + CUE…

AFAIK Ardour sets the session length to 5 min when creating a new session

What you can do is to simply pull the end marker of the session end to the “real end” (let say from 5 minutes to 3:42 for example). Thats how I handle it.

Maybe someone has a more sophisticated procedure to get that result.

Prof Knaakenbroed

the other option is to export a range that you specify with the mouse. only that part is then exported.