Customizing Controller: Behringer BCF2000

Hi everybody,

I bought a premature Christmas gift for me: Behringer BCF2000

As always I consulted the ardour manual to get it working and it works now.
Funny stuff seeing the faders move in ardour vice versa the controller.
I’m using the provided “SSL Nucleus” mapping.
As always it’s not easy to get the concepts of a new tool together.
My goal is to get the controller configured to control the mixing of one track
which means more than fading gain and panning. I want, for example, to control plugins in a kind of generic way. So, fader1 could could control depth of a chorus, rotary1 could control speed of chorus, fader2 could control …
Or seen generic fader1/rotary1 shall control something in the first plugin … fader8/rotary8 shall work with plugin 8, just to tell you which things I’m gonna try (maybe). Maybe this seems to have no sense, first I just try to find out what is possible and what’s not :slight_smile:

The first question is, is it possible to configure a map which addresses plugins ?

I had a look and saw that there’s a predefined “user” mapping which (in a first view) seems to work equal to SSL Nucleus.

Coming back to the concept of controllers (belonging to ardour). What does the tab “Function keys” configure ? In my little world a key/function-key is a knob on my computer keyboard, shift/control/alt/…are modifier keys on my keyboard. Each entry in the first column has a * and a notice which (for me) means this button could be on my controller (or not), useful if the configuration is generic for every device.

I have four shift buttons on my bcf2000 (described in the manual). Are these shift buttons the same as
plain/shift/option in the top row ?

So, I click the mouse on a dot in the first line (=Track*), a menu opens I can choose mixer and a second menu opens where I can choose any action which is done by ardour. So I configure mixer → Open mixer scene #1 . Supposed I configure this afterwards “mixer scene #1” is opened if Track*-button on the controller is pushed ? Happens this immediately or do I have to save my configuration first ?

There are so much questions, but I wanna stop here and wait for answers before I do to much speculation :slight_smile:

By the way, whats the meaning of a dot in a row ?

Best regards

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