Customisable colours for processor types

We can customise colours for pre vs post fader processors, which is great. It would be nice to able to colour plugins differently to other types: internal sends, external sends and inserts.

Personally, I don’t need pre vs post different colours because the Fader processor position makes it clear which are pre and post. I’m not suggesting changing that as I’m sure many people would like to keep that behaviour.

What I do struggle with telling at a glance is which ones are aux sends (for example) and which are plugins, even with the presence of the sends’ inline gain controls. I find myself doing some mental/visual gymnastics to work out what plugins I have on a channel. No doubt this would be even worse if I decided to turn off those inline gain controls, or use inserts.

Ideally all four types (plugins, internal sends, external sends, inserts) could be coloured independently, and each differently for pre and post. So that’s eight colour options.


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