Custom midi map drumpad to Drumgizmo

I’d like to to map the pads on my Akai MPD218 drum pad to different sounds in Drumgizmo. The Ardour manual has this article about midi maps but I think its only for controls and not midi notes (correct me if I am wrong).

Then I found a couple midi mapping plugins (MIDI Note Mapper and MIDI CC Map) either of which look like exactly what I need but they don’t seem to be working. Here’s a picture of the way I’ve got the plugins set up. Does anyone know to get this working? Any advice is appreciated!

I have no experience in what you’re trying to do but maybe the other way round possible? DrumGizmo has a midimap.xml which loads. You can copy and edit that file adepted to your Akai?

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@coenplanetc 's answer is spot on. Drumgizmo kits come with multiple midimap files. Pick the one you want, make a copy, and change it up.

For example, here is the “tiny” midimap for the Crocell kit:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
        <map note="52" instr="ChinaR"/>
        <map note="49" instr="CrashL"/>
        <map note="57" instr="CrashR"/>
        <map note="42" instr="HihatClosed"/>
        <map note="46" instr="HihatOpen"/>
        <map note="36" instr="KDrumR"/>
        <map note="51" instr="RideR"/>
        <map note="53" instr="RideRBell"/>
        <map note="38" instr="Snare"/>
        <map note="48" instr="Tom1"/>
        <map note="47" instr="Tom2"/>
        <map note="41" instr="FTom2"/>

You might just remap the pads on the MPD218. There’s an editor for that. Idk, however, if it will work with WINE. Sure Drumgizmo doesn’t have MIDI-learn? It seems relatively mature.

This worked for me. Thanks!

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