Custom aligned clips

After having seen the excellent video interview with Paul, John and Unfa I thought a bit about the clips. As I understand, clips will always be aligned on the start of a beat (or 1/4 note, etc). I can imagine to have clips that have sound before the beat. For example a clip that starts with a 1/8 note followed by a 1/4 note, where the 1/4 note should be on the beat. Yes, this clip can be aligned to 1/8 note before the beat, but I think it is more intuitive if it could be aligned to the beat, but starts 1/8 note earlier.
Would that make sense?

No, that would change the normal meaning of the word “align” and be very confusing.

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Clips can have their start quantized to any unit that you want (or none at all). If you set it to 1/4 note quantization, it will always start on a 1/4 note. You can’t change the quantization of a clip based on the quantization or end point of the clip that came before it.

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