Curves of automation


It would indeed be if we could choose the type of curve of automation: linear, spline, fixed value, etc…


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feature requests go here i believe

You’ll already find a request for it there in fact, it is on the TODO list, just a bit low on it IIRC.


OK, thank you for the answer. In fact, I know that we can add so many points of automation which we want. But, to save time, be able to choose a spline curve by place would be very practical. Example: a curve, points by points, which would include three or four points realized there splines for a softer and more precise audio edition of the volume at the same time…
Having said that, I can wait… Ardour is everything made functional and pro for my work.

Let’s be clear: spline curves are not accurate or precise. They look nice, which about their only virtue. Even then, normal spline curves have a set of wierd properties.

What you probably mean is “smooth curves instead of straight lines”.

“smooth curves instead of straight lines”… Thank you for specifying, it is exactly what I wanted to say.
I think that it can be really useful.
Excuse my bad English…

To get smooth curves I use to use volume automation - it runs pretty well in A2 and since 3.5.357 it also runs perfectly in A3 (real fun with an external DAW controller unit). In the beginning it’s a bit like starting to learn to drive a car :wink: - but as soon as you practice a bit you will get comfortable with it :-).

It’s a bit different form other DAWs (e.g. Samplitude) where I used to crossfade by making a whole lot of mouse clicks - automation is much more fun…


You can do a whole bunch of mouse clicks in Ardour too. We don’t discriminate :slight_smile:

I much prefer to do automation with mouse clicks (as few points as possible) and straight lines. If I do it by moving the fader in write or touch mode, it’s invariably wrong the first time and then the forest of points generated is a pain to edit using the mouse. I may have missed something in the user interface that would have made it easier, of course…